Tips for Your Mobile Not Easy to Heat when Playing Games

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Do you like to play games but often get annoyed because your phone is hot fast? The following tips and tricks you should follow so that the cell phone is not easy to heat when playing games. The following tips for dealing with hot smartphones when playing games.

1. Before playing, turn off all unimportant notifications

Message application notifications have HP’s heavy demands working harder. So it’s better to turn off when playing games to reduce the potential for higher heat.

2. Use the Original Charger

In general, using a fake charger is also the cause of the HP phone is often hot. Because fake chargers are not according to the manufacturer’s standards, they have a negative impact on the cellphone.

3. Don’t play too long

The hot cellphone when playing games becomes something natural but if you can’t adjust the playing time it will also have a bad impact on the cellphone. Allocate the time to play the game properly, for example, every 10-15 minutes pause. And never play games while charging a smartphone

4. Install the Android cooling application

Android cooler application can be helpful. When you pause playing this application game you can function to play the game even longer.

5. Play a game in a cold temperature room

The playroom also determines the temperature of the cellphone. When playing games do not take a position in the open that is directly exposed to sunlight. Or choose a room that has no air conditioning like a fan or air conditioner.