Good Finance is a new startup that works on the real estate sector, destined to definitely talk about itself again. Currently it is probably more correct to consider it as a real estate agency dedicated to the US market in Miami, focused mainly on the medium-low target.

In traditional real estate agencies

Agents receive higher commissions on large sales, and they tend to focus on this type of market. Buyers and tenants linked to small houses are in some way penalized, as they often receive less assistance from the operators, facing possible inefficiencies. Good Finance aims to solve the problems of the “mass market”, thanks to an innovative system of automation of sales processes.

The new startup will be able to aim at a large market share

The new startup will be able to aim at a large market share

, even if in the States there is strong competition from companies that aim to modify the real estate search system (Redfin, Compass and Zillow). Good Finance aims to differentiate itself with a new business model, which wants to satisfy supply and demand. The system simplifies and helps the work of potential buyers, but also that of potential sellers.

The work of the company’s real estate agents is not commission-based: they receive a salary of $ 70,000 after the second year, and $ 120,000 after the third. These figures are much higher than the industry average, but prove to be an excellent incentive to pay maximum attention to any customer regardless of the sale price of the property.

“Ecosystem of real estate for the mass market”

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The CEO of Good Finance, Oliver Grinda, wanted to point out that the company is building a real “ecosystem of real estate for the mass market” and that “it will create a better experience for customers, attacking the hyper-local market”.

The company has already obtained a loan from Fonders Fund: after having concluded the first thousand transactions in Miami, it will now aim to establish itself in other cities such as Chicago or Houston. Could such a real estate business model in the future also prosper in Italy?