Avoid these when you choose a retreat center of ayahuasca

If you’re looking for a place which isn’t just curing you physically, but also mentally, then an alternative healing center is necessary. The one which you can find at ayahuascahealings.com/ayahuasca-retreats-peru-sacredvalley/ uses ayahuasca as its healing method, and it has been proven to be extremely effective for curing both illnesses of the mind and the body. However, when you look for such a facility on your own, there are some mistakes that you should avoid.


1. Not checking its license

The unlicensed place is risky. Although they may still try to cure you with the real ayahuasca, the process and the dosage for the medication can be messy and inaccurate, and it can be dangerous for your body and mind.

2. The place is selling the ayahuasca recklessly

The proper and trusted healing center will only sell their ayahuasca with the proper prescription (depends on a healing center that you choose), so their patient won’t be in any kind of a danger when they’re making their own ayahuasca tea.

3. Not asking about the price

If the price is unclear, make sure you choose another place, especially if you don’t want to be scammed in any way.