Do You Plan to Choose Condominium Investment? Consider These Things!


Property investment mayfair gardens condo continues to grow. Currently, the trend is the condominium. As the name implies, this property is operated like a hotel, but ownership rights are broken down like condominiums. Simple explanation, each room in a condo can be owned by a different person and managed by an operator. Furthermore, these rooms are rented like a hotel. Unit owners will get income according to the percentage agreed to at the beginning. Well, mayfair gardens can be your potential option when you have a plan to invest in the condominium.

Well, owners of condominium units cannot stay in their units for the long term. Usually, unit owners will get a quota of stays a few days per year. To use the quota, the owner must make an agreement first. Of course, there are several things that must be considered before buying a condo for your investment choice.

1. Investigate the occupancy rate of the hotel in the intended location.

The main income from the condo is definitely occupancy or occupancy. Usually, condominiums with big names have a high occupancy rate. In addition, pay attention to the density of hotels and similar condominiums around the location. The more condo number in one location, the more stringent the occupation is.

2. Pay attention to the profit sharing offer offered by the developer.

The benefits of condos are distributed in different periods. Some per month, per quarter, up to a year. Usually, profits are given around 1-2 months from the calculation period. You also have to consider various types of income taxes and know the range of net benefits you will get.

3. Investing in a condo should pay attention to the risks that might occur.

For example, the depreciation or decrease in furniture prices. Especially for furniture depreciation and space renovation. For that, you must be careful in calculating the ratio of profits and expenses of maintenance costs.