Preventing your Android smartphones from slowing down

Not a few of the users who use multiple Google accounts on a smartphone, and if an automatic synchronization attempt from the account runs simultaneously, this will definitely make your smartphone work harder – and make it slow. Synchronization (Sync) is an attempt to attract new data and present it to users – who naturally use the internet and drain your battery. On the other hand, you can also check out the phone repair shop near you whenever you can’t fix your phone by yourself.

You can access the synchronization settings in Settings> Accounts> Auto-sync. For some people who do not want to turn off automatic synchronization, you can reduce the frequency of synchronization in applications that you use or delete Google accounts that you don’t need.

The main reason for the slow performance of Android smartphones is the number of applications that users download, making the storage space a little left. The minimum limit for Android performance without a hitch is twenty percent. So if your smartphone has 8 GB of storage capacity, then there should be about 1 GB of unused memory.

If it turns out your smartphone has almost filled the memory, then there are several ways that we recommend:

Uninstall unused applications.

Clean the cache and delete junk files by going to Settings, then to Storage or Storage. Then you just press Cached Files and click OK to clean.

We do not recommend installing an application with the aim to clear junk or cache files. The reason is that the application will also fill memory and reduce its performance.

Trim large files, such as music and photos. Or you can also back up the file into a laptop or use a free cloud service like Dropbox.

Some users tend to choose to install widgets for the reason of facilitating access to the intended application. It is true, but if more than three widgets are installed on your smartphone’s home screen, it will actually affect the performance of the smartphone itself. Especially on widgets that use a third-party launcher like news aggregator Babe.

If your smartphone belongs to many widgets, wisely choose the widget that is most useful for you.