Checking the dough for your pastry

Every time you follow the recipe for making bread or dough, there will usually be instructions to knead until smooth. Okay, it looks simple. It’s only sometimes confused as to what is meant in this way which is like this? So that bread, donuts, or noodles can be perfect dishes, it needs to be kneaded until smooth. The process of kneading can only be stopped when the mixture is smooth. To check the dough is already smooth or not, do these things. In the meantime, if you’re really craving for yummy, tasty donuts with friendly prices, we recommend you to check out the Duck Donuts menu prices.

Press and Pull the Dough

Try pressing or pulling the kneaded dough a little, if the mixture returns to its original shape, it means the mixture has been smooth. If the mixture is not torn when it is pulled long enough, it’s also a sign that the mixture is already smooth. In other words, if the dough is elastic it becomes a sign that the dough doesn’t need to be kneaded again.

Shape Ball and Drop

The shape of the round dough becomes spherical. After that, lift and drop on a flat surface. If after being dropped, the shape does not change, the mark is smooth. But then it fell, the shape was immediately broken, hm … it looks like we have to repeat it again.

Pinch Dough

A smooth dough is also one of the characteristics of a dough that is already smooth. To be surer, try pinching the dough. If when it’s pinched feels tight and tight, it’s time to stop taking it.

Stick it in the hand

Try attaching the dough on the surface of the hand. If it is no longer sticky in the hand, it means the mixture is already smooth. Or attach it to a flat surface of the container, if it’s not sticky then the mixture is ready to undergo the next process.

Basically, the purpose of kneading this is to strengthen the gluten protein in the dough to form a nice and tasty texture and shape of bread. With the kneaded and perfectly made dough, it is hoped that later the dishes made will be more delicious.