Tips for Choosing Bags For Smaller Women


For women, the bag is indeed a complement to their performance. Thus, many women choose ladies briefcase very carefully because it assumes that the bag will affect their overall appearance. So, what you need to do is adjust the bag with your body shape and body size.

Because most women have a small body shape and not too big, then choose a bag jug must be tailored to it. there are some tips on choosing bags for the petite women.

1. Size
For women with small bodies, the best bag size is not too big and can make your appearance covered with the bag. however, do not also choose a bag that is too small because you will be seen not using a bag. It would be better to choose a medium-small balanced bag for you. if you want to use a bag with a small size, make sure that you choose the clutch model that makes the body look proportional. Also avoid a bag with a size that is too large, because it will make you look smaller.

2. Shape
Because of our shortcomings is in terms of height, it is better to look for a bag that has a long vertical, like a tote bag. For us who are fat, it’s better to choose a bag with a more structured form, such as a messenger bag or boxy bag.

3. Color
Color selection of bags also baseball can be arbitrary. Make us a petite, bags with neutral colors are more advisable.
In addition to easier to mix and match with fashion items, we will also look more elegant and chic. If you want to have a bold color, better equate with other fashion items let baseball too striking and strange.

4. How to carry the bag
Apparently, how to carry a bag can make us look more proportional or more petite, you know.
Do not use straps that are too long or short, just up on our hips to create the illusion of a higher view.