Working principle of foundations and its materials

The working principle of the foundation is like the tip of a pencil, if the pointed end is pressed against the palm of the hand it will feel painful, and it is easier to enter into the meat, whereas if the tip is blunt it will happen otherwise. On the foundation of such things also applies, if the width of the base width is small then the carrying capacity of the foundation is small so that the building is more easily collapsed, on the contrary, if the foundation base has a large width then the carrying capacity is also large so the building has not collapsed inside. So that the heavier the building is supported the greater the support capacity of the land needed so that the width of the foundation base is also greater. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to take a look at the recommended fix slab foundation service near your location.

Foundation material

Besides the structural techniques that must be correct, the material quality of the foundation and concrete makers must also be of quality. Characteristics and properties of concrete are so relied on the mix design and level of the constituent components, each phase in the foundation and concrete production process in the field plays an important role in producing quality concrete foundations including:

Sand and coral: Incorrect placement and storage of materials, can cause a decrease in the quality of the foundation. Placement of sand and coral must be
in such a way do not mix with other ingredients. In addition, the use of the foundation for the material stock is highly recommended in order to prevent the carrying of land when taking goods.

Cement: Maintained so that it is not moist, stored in a room or warehouse and under it is given a base so that the cement is not directly exposed to the floor vapor, because when the steam hits the cement, the quality of the cement decreases and some will harden, turning into coarse grain granules.

Preparation and Mixing Process: To produce concrete with uniform quality, the foundation constituent materials must be prepared and carefully grounded because it will affect the homogeneity of the mixture, mixing can be done manually or mechanically, by mixing them.