Understanding the preposition and relative pronouns in English

A preposition is a word used to complete the description of time and place. Consists of at, in, and on. Sometimes, many people are confused by the use of these three words because they basically have almost the same meaning, namely in and at. Meanwhile, visit britishlifeskills.com if you want to take the English exam for the UK visa applicants.

In addition, if you want to use relative pronouns you don’t need to be confused. Just distinguish the position of the object in the sentence.

To connect sentences, a pronoun is needed to add information. In English, there are 5 kinds of relative pronouns, namely who, whom, what, which, and that. In each pronoun, each function depends on the subject explained. Try memorizing one. You just use it according to its position in the sentence.

who = replaces the person as the subject.

whom = replace the information of the person as an object.

which = replaces subject information in the form of objects.

whose = replaces the property statement.

that = replaces the subject’s description in all forms.