Benefits of Vitamin D from Sunlight to Prevent Skin Cancer

Most people assume that the most effective way to prevent skin cancer is to use sunscreen. However, experts reveal that hiding from sunlight can also have the same negative impact on health. Visit our website to get medication for cancer and see our hope 4 cancer reviews.

Then, how to prevent a safe and effective?

Generally, doctors often give advice, if getting older will be better to avoid exposure to sunlight. Because the skin in old age began to show signs of damage from excessive sun exposure during previous life

But the fact is, once you avoid the sun at all, you just let the body to not work naturally as nature designs your body. Exposure to the healthy sun is actually an integral part of the skin cancer prevention step.

Based on research, people who more often move outdoors turned out to have a reduced risk of melanoma cancer compared with people who work and move indoors. This shows that sun exposure actually also has a protective effect.

Vitamin D is a vitamin produced by your body when exposed to sun exposure. Vitamin D can affect genes in the skin and prevent UV damage. Based on the working principle of this one body, avoiding sunlight precisely becomes a master weapon for you to trigger the risk of skin cancer.

In short, the vitamin D produced in the body serves to respond to UVB radiation so it can be useful as a protector of melanoma (cancer cell type), as noted in one of the Lancet studies. Unfortunately, applying sunscreen regularly can prevent the formation of vitamin D in your skin.

The American Association of Dermatologists, American Academy of Dermatology, does not advise to make vitamin D that is formed from sun exposure as your main source of vitamin D. The risk of skin cancer from exposure to ultraviolet light makes them conclude that you should protect yourself from UV exposure and get vitamin D from food, drink, and or supplements.