Make money out of your time – by making money with surveys. Companies are willing to pay a lot of money for customer opinions. However, the companies are not specialized in surveys and therefore turn to professional survey institutes. Because many people who are frustrated and just do not earn (or only slightly) money with paid surveys contact me by email. With the frequently used search term “serious homework,” people looking for extra income often find themselves earning money from paid surveys.



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Are you interested in joining market research studies? Great, then sign up in our survey panel at the website. You can set the frequency of the interviews yourself. It is good that your participation in the surveys is remunerated (usually 1 to 3 USD per survey). The topic of the surveys is very different: for example, we ask for your individual assessment of individual articles or your shopping behavior.

In order to be able to take part in the surveys, you must be resident in the Federal Republic or in Switzerland.


Win money with surveys

Win money with surveys

Then please fill in our short registration form: This way you can easily increase your money on the internet. All you need is Internet access and, above all, your own view. If the consumer wants to grab his articles in the shop, he earns a lot of money. Therefore, they pay cash to test the reaction to their plans in advance.

It is especially important for companies to know what the consumer ultimately values ​​and how he can enhance the offer or service. The nicest thing about it: every time you participate, you can take money. To thank you for your efforts, you will be awarded cash prizes, vouchers, free articles or sweepstakes.

Earn money with online surveys is possible without much extra effort! You can also track us through our website on our website.


Earn money with surveys: seriously?

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There are always websites on the net where you can register and conduct surveys for money. But how does that work and is it serious at all? On the one hand, there are many companies that urgently need a lot of opinions from their customers to improve their products. Companies are there to pay a lot of money for the opinions of their customers.

But because the companies do not specialize in surveys, they rely on competent survey institutes. Large companies therefore pay a lot of money to the specialist institutes to carry out the corresponding survey. Part of the large amount of money that is distributed by the companies to the survey institutes is passed on by the survey institutes to the survey participants.

The financing can therefore be described as stable and plausible, since the money flows from large and renowned companies. Surveys: Why do companies need the information? The primary objective of the companies is to optimize their products through customer surveys. Surveys help identify, for example, which products are less popular than others for what motives.

This gives the long-established company the opportunity to tailor it to the needs of its customers and thus increase sales. Of course, your personal information will not be disclosed in the evaluation of the surveys, since the survey institutes have a high standard of data protection and it would not be useful from a market research point of view to confuse information and designations.

Thousands of surveys of the many participants are evaluated anonymously by a computer. Register with an opinion research institute: How does it work? The registrations are identical for almost all survey institutes. On the registration form you have to log in the first part. When it comes to making money from surveys, to our knowledge, there is apparently something insignificant, the so-called profile questionnaire.

But it is the basis for which and how many surveys you will receive. Complete this profile questionnaire completely and in detail. This is the only way for the survey institute to know which subject you are particularly familiar with and which surveys it should offer. Specially designed surveys are always paying more than general surveys that anyone can go through.

Is a survey now serious and advisable or not? Based on the experience gained, we can see that surveys have a good financial basis and are in any case serious. We were always paid to answer the online surveys. So we can assure you that the institutes are worthwhile in any case.