Remember these when you’re taking photos at a wedding


On some occasions we may be asked to photograph the bride of the woman, the man either in the hotel or the restaurant / some other place then we need to get up early to see and master the arena setting. Try to see some interesting things both interesting and some bad things that we should avoid. A good chance is usually when eating because most people do not want to be photographed while eating. So take the opportunity to get around the reception and get some extra pictures. Apart from that, you may also need to take a look at the Mount Union College Wedding photographers.

It is important to master the reception location whether it is done during the day or night will require different lighting. If we have time to come to the location before the day of the wedding and when we survey the location bring a wide angle lens because the lens can cover the picture from a wide angle.

Maximize flowers as a source of beauty

Flower arrangement is an integral part of a wedding reception event. The flowers are certainly very interesting because it has a wide range of colors and shapes, and it is appropriate flowers to be an interesting part of an image. Whether using a wide angle lens or a flower telephoto lens is still beautiful, both fill in frames and complementary accessories/background bridal flowers will work very well.

Use bouncer and diffuser

In very low light conditions we may get a slightly darker picture so the subject is not obvious. Usually, the reception is held inside the building, and we can take advantage of the flashlight to the roof to get a soft light on the subject (bounce technique). Or you can use the help of flash diffuser to produce diffused soft light so that the light that concerns the subject is not too sharp.