The growing precariousness of the labor market is a phenomenon for all to see.

If you have a spirit of initiative and a strong vocation for independence, self-employment can be the winning alternative.

Opening a new business today seems an act of great courage. At the same time it is a unique opportunity to enhance the skills already acquired or to realize an innovative and winning idea.

On the wave of this evolution that keeps more talented young people and experienced workers away from the search for the so-called permanent position , the offer of guidance services is growing that allow you to evaluate the potential of your business idea and to start with the right business plan .

But a good idea and the right skills are not enough: opening a new company also requires an initial investment for the purchase of equipment, the setting up of the headquarters and the administrative costs of starting a business.

A significant capital that young people who take their first steps in the profession or workers who want to start their own business do not always have.

How to finance a new business

How to finance a new businessHow to finance a new business

Non-refundable grants for new businesses provided by the public sector often require complicated bureaucratic procedures and are reserved for particular categories of entrepreneurs , geographic areas or sectors of activity. In addition, in most cases they reimburse expenses after they have already been incurred.

On the other hand, after the stormy events of recent years, banks are required to comply with very strict criteria for the disbursement of credit , criteria that only consolidated activities can satisfy.

So what are the paths that future entrepreneurs can take to start their new business ?

The fastest and most accessible external sources of finance for new businesses are financial companies , which, faced with a convincing and well-structured business idea, are willing to provide medium and long-term loans to finance the start-up phase of the business.

Among the services offered to new businesses there is also assistance to access public guarantee funds that can cover up to 80% of the risk, thus allowing you to start a startup even if you do not have the classic property guarantees.

Apply for a loan for a new business

Apply for a loan for a new business

When applying for a business loan it is necessary to produce a series of detailed documents .

It is an opportunity not to be missed to present yourself optimally and convince the potential financier . What are the elements to be treated best?

  • Personal information of the individual entrepreneur or partners: Why limit yourself to personal and financial data? It is an opportunity to highlight one’s skills, training and work experiences, showing that one is able to better manage the nascent project.
  • Business plan: It is the keystone: in the absence of previous financial statements or sources of self-financing, the winning weapon is a valid idea, effectively explained and with the right market strategy. Many Chambers of Commerce offer consultancy services for drafting an unassailable business plan.