Inspiration Theme for Photobooth

If you are looking for a unique and unique photo booth for your wedding, you’ve found the right article! Whatever the theme and place of your wedding, find inspiration from a collection of photo booths in the middle of the trend below. For the best photobooth services, you can visit photobooth jakarta utara.

– Wrap cloth and origami paper fan as a photo booth

To make a photo booth you don’t need to drain the rest of your savings. Simply use triplex, so that the triplex can stand upright, then decorate with multifarious fabrics and origami shaped fan with matching color. Tips for this photo booth to look elegant and not cheap is to use a soft or unobtrusive cloth. Also, use paper that looks old to get a classy origami fan display.

– Boho themed photo booth with Macrame decorations

Are you like making a popular macrame decoration? Why not use the decoration you made as a backdrop at your wedding photo booth. Just hang them together on an old log and then add some lace, ribbon or faux fur to perfect the look. Put a chair in front of this boho-themed backdrop ornament and voila, be a cool and instagramable photo booth.