Important Things to Look at From the Prospective Phone to Buy

Almost every month there’s always a new smartphone that glides present in the market. Not just one even could be several types of smartphones. For those of you who want to buy a new smartphone, sometimes this makes it confusing to choose. There is a sense of worry and fear of falling the choice and ultimately arise disappointed because the smartphone that we buy is not as expected. Aside from asking where to buy phone in singapore, the following are crucial things to keep in mind when buying the new phone regarding of the brand and price of the product you want to have.

Processor Speed

Processor or CPU speed is very influential on the performance and speed of smartphones. With a higher processor speed and has a lot of core cores can be sure multitasking device performance is quite good and able to run all the tasks smoothly. Processor speed is measured in units of Hertz (Hz). For good performance, at least processor speed should be 1 GHz or more.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM becomes another important factor to consider before buying a mobile phone. It can be said, RAM is a component of performance support for the better processor. All the applications you run will automatically save the cache files in RAM. If the app is closed and then you open it again, then the app will be launched from RAM. So the greater the RAM capacity owned, the smartphone will be more optimal in running many applications simultaneously.

If you buy a smartphone right now, it is recommended to buy a smartphone that already runs the latest version of the Android operating system (Android Lollipop). There are several benefits of choosing the latest version of the Android operating system, which is a good smartphone performance, supports all current applications, improved user interface, more stable, and more secure

Improve Your Customer Service With These Two Ways

A company that thinks of their customers is a company that uses an active and good customer service in order to provide customers with the right information. then, many companies end up using 1300 Numbers. That way, the customers will be able to contact you quickly and whatever they need.


However, please be aware also that there are some tips that you can use to improve the service to the customers. Some of the ways in question are

– So a good listener
Try to identify customer needs and ask them some question and listen carefully about what they answer to you. Listen to the words, the tone of voice and what they feel.

– Identify and anticipate needs
The customer does not originally purchase the product or service. They buy because they are happy with the product and indeed the product or service is the solution to their problems. Most customer needs are emotional rather than logic.

3 Reasons why you should buy an electric bike soon

Although at first glance looks similar, this electric bike has an additional motor/dynamo as its propulsion. No wonder this bike has a more futuristic look and can even look like a motor! Don’t you believe it? Try to see the first reason why the electric bicycle is cool. Aside from that, the excellent escooter is also recommended.

1. More sophisticated than a conventional bike

Unlike the conventional bikes that rely purely on the stroke as a wheel drive, electric-powered bicycle users more facilitated with the additional dynamo, so if you’re tired, you can immediately replace the system and the bike will still run with battery power.

Afraid of being late for cycling? No need to pedal hard until you take a sweat. A number of electric bikes can be driven up to 55km / h without the help of pedals.

2. Transportation for Mothers

Do not get stuck with the title yes. This bike can also be ridden by the father, it’s just that the mothers are more active in the neighborhood around the place of residence, whether it is shopping or delivering pick-up children to school.

For mothers with daily activities, there is Selis Type SNIPER. This type of electric bike is designed to be used in the rear with additional pads on the back, and a basket attached to the handlebar to store groceries or bags and purses.

3. Support your sporty style

Well if the distance home and campus you are close enough, can ya ride an electric bike. With the futuristic geometry, you can look more sporty when driving into the campus.

Moreover, this bike has a large wheel diameter. Not only does it support a fit impression, the greater turnover will also lighten your journey. Variations of gear gears on the bicycle chain also still can be used a lot, so as not to heavy when passing the road uphill. Oh yes, do not forget the right equipment as well when you ride this bike.